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As an independant artist you can either wait for people to find your music or you can do something to get peoples attention. Got a reverbnation account? Not getting enough visits? Got beats for lease? Need help getting exposure? I can help you with that. This site ranks 1st page on Google for various related music keywords. It gets on average approx 60,000 visitors per month. Feature your reverbnation profile on this site! I guarantee you will get at LEAST 30,000 profile visits over 1 month of being featured! Thats $75 for at LEAST 30,000 reverbnation profile views over 1 month. Ontop of that BONUS 30,000 widget hits and 1,000 song plays are included with this service at no extra charge! This service includes drip fed link building 24/7. This can help with your search engine marketing results in the long run! All confirmed links are submitted to Lindexed free of charge! I highly suggest using a domain name for your reverbnation profile. It looks more professional and its easier for fans to remember. Domain names cost about $11 a year from a 3rd party registrar such as Hostwinds I've compared prices with two other reverbnation marketing services that charge at least $400+ a month for a service like this. I currently only charge $75 a month for this service! That works out to $2.5 per day as opposed to $13.50 per day from other competitors! Take advantage of my low price and sign up now before the next price increase! If you also need link pyramids, web 2.0's and full seo packages I suggest checking out Search Engine Rockstar.

I support all genres of new music, hiphop, hip hop, rap, rock, top 40, metal, country, pop, electronica etc. Ive featured hundreds of artists on this site since launching back in Sept 2011. If you dont have a Reverbnation profile I suggest you get one at Its free and is a great way to promote your music, tours, events and expose your music to the world. They have a real cool ranking system for different genres. They split it up using local genre, national genre, global genre and all genre catagories. They also provide a fan system and great analytics system. I believe you can even publish your music at a cost, on other digital systems through reverbnation such as itunes, cd baby etc. Even if you arent interested in the service I offer I recommend you signed up for Reverbnation. Check it out. I think youll like it. If you arent an artist but a music fan check out these artists that are currently being featured. This site is always featuring different unsigned or independant artists on a regular basis. - Det0nator

Monthly Subscription-This is an ongoing subscription service to promote your Reverbnation account. Youll get 30K+ Reverbnation profile visits + BONUS 1k song plays, 30k widget hits and search engine marketing with Lindexed submittion. You can cancel at any time via your paypal control panel. Service will end on your renewal date should you cancel. Loyal subscribers who lock in at their current rate retain their monthly price regardless of price increases for new customers! Should you cancel or miss payment youll have to resubscribe at the current rate. hip hop rap

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